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My Nuvi 2350LMT had a cracked screen and was not useable. I did a google search to find this site and ordered the new screen which arrived in Texas 8 days later via USPS. It was packaged very well. The USPS tracking number allowed me to follow the progress. Arrived today and installed it and found it worked perfectly! Now I am able to use my LMT updates!! Garmin wanted $99 to repair it but I was able to do it for $39.97 which includes shipping. I was concerned the screen shown in the picture did not exactly match mine, but when I ordered, I did provide the exact number stamped on the back of the LCD assembly, and what I received was an exact match! Also, I did have to purchase a mini-TORX T-5 to remove the 4 screws holding the back (I got a good quality Craftsman 5-piece set at Sears for about $9. FYI, getting the back off is a bit tricky, and I heartily recommend you purchase a set of repair tools on this site for $2.99 which includes the T-5 as well as a prying tool. Of course, you will need the T-5 first to disassemble the Garmin to find out which screen you have. Sort of a Catch-22, but that is why I bought the TORX set at Sears first and also bought an inexpensive iPhone tool kit at Fry's Electronics which I am sure I will use again. FYI, there are some You-tube sites that show disassembly of a Garmin. I would definitely buy from these guys again.


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