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ACer A200 Digitizer

Hi, i'm having a problem sourcing a part for te Acer A200 in Europe. I've seen that you sell the complete screen unit, including digitizer for the A200, but do you sell it minus the display? Many thanks.

Hi, our screen is the whole screen unit with digitizer. Thanks Mike

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This purchase was an experiment. I was not totally confident that I could pull this off, but the price was right. I didn't mind sacrificing the small amount of money to potentially save my Garmin 1350LMT. I researched how to remove the screen then began to search for the replacement part. I placed the order of what I thought was the replacement. I immediately got an email back stating, “I'd like to confirm with you if this screen is exactly your need? Because there are different version lcd touch screen which are different.” I thought that was OUTSTANDING customer service. The seller went on to say, in short, take some pictures of the damaged screen and send them to me. I did that and the screen was promptly shipped to me (I was able to track the complete shipping process). Now the moment of truth… I installed the screen, powered it up (drum roll) and it worked PERFECTLY!!. I HIGHLY recommend this company for screen replacements. They care about making sure you get exactly what you need. Because as you all know, if you don’t get the internet buy right the first time, it will cost you. I was very very pleased with their service and will certainly use them again when needed.


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